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Computers are all over the world and it helps many people, but it is a little intimidating for others; especially those who does not know how to use it. Regardless, if you want to know computer cheat sheet, check this out!

Computer Cheat Sheets: Buying Computer

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  • Tower: Form of the computer that existed for a while. It is a style of desktop computer.
  • Compact desktop: It has the volume of shoebox. You can check on this and it is the same like Intel’s NCU. This is small but it is not portable.
  • All in one: This is a desktop computer and it is all in one. This type of computer has all brains and it is being stored in casing behind monitor.
  • Laptop: This is portable that weights around two to eight pounds. It has the monitor, mouse and keyboard that built into it.

Computer Cheat Sheets: Other Information to Consider

  • g code cheat sheetMemory: The memory of the computer should at least have 2 gigabyte of RAM.
  • Processor: Most of the processors today are multiple core processors like i3, i5 as well as i7 processor. The processors having two processors are known ad dual core and for computers having 4 processors is known as quad core. 6 processors are known as hexa core and the more cores you have, the faster your computer is.
  • Battery life: If you want a laptop for office use, then you need to look for model having longer battery life. There are computers offering ten or more hours of battery life.
  • Keyboard: Be sure that the keyboard is comfortable to use.
  • Screen: There are computers with screen ranging from nine inches or smaller. There are desktop models with 28 inch. The size that is comfortable for most people is 15 inch.
  • DVD/CD drive: There are computers that come with DVD or DC drive and there are some that do not have it. If your computer does not have DVD or CD drive, it is better if you opt for external drive.
  • Type of hard drive: Today, computers have hard drives in storing programs as well as data. There are many computers having solid state drive that is used in placing hard drive. If you want a computer that will process information in quick manner, you need to look for computer with solid state drive.
  • Wireless capability: If you want to connect other networks and wireless devices, it is important that you have wireless capability in your computer.
  • Included software: There are computers that come with utility programs like antivirus software or productivity software like Microsoft Office.

Cheat sheet tips: Maintenance and Care

  • Windows firewall: Turn the windows firewall to stop other people as well s programs from downloading some malicious code and viruses.
  • Antivirus software: Use the antivirus software like Windows Defender and others.
  • Use system restore: make system restore point in saving current settings.

You can also use IT cheat sheets to take your knowledge of the area to the next level.

You can still find other cheat sheet template online that will help you. If you think you still need more information, researching is what you should do.

It is essential that you make a research on some examples like Linux terminal commands cheat sheet, so that you get prepared really thoroughly.

Use our computer cheat sheet today!

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