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history cheat sheet Knowing the history is a bit difficult because you do not know what happened before, but this page will give you cheat sheet template history. There are many things that you will learn from it.

world history Cheat Sheet Template: Best Tips

history cheat sheet

If you are considering to create history cheat sheet, there are many things that you need to consider. Here are some of the best tips that will help you in having the best cheat sheet.

  • Make a research: If you are asking how to do a cheat sheet, the first thing you need to do is to make a research. You need to gather all the information you want to include in your cheat. It is better if you make notes on all the information that you collected on the internet.
  • Ask people: Knowing how to do a cheat is important and you can ask people to help you. You can ask your supervisors, professors, parents, friends or siblings to help you in crafting the history cheat sheet. They can help you in many ways, just tell them what they need to do.
  • Brainstorm: If you want to make world history cheat sheet, you need to brainstorm on what you need to include in your paper.

Cheat sheet tips: Timeline of the World History

The history of the world is not easy to be condensed, but timeline will help you. It is better to list the significant events.

  • 1700 to 1500 BC: Nomads from Iranian plateau arrive in the India that brings roots of the Hindu religious belief.
  • 1250 BC: Confederation of the Greek Kings as well as the warriors attack on the city of Troy.
  • 509 BC: Romans rise up against the King Tarquinis Superbus driving him into the exile establishing republic in the place of monarchy.
  • About 700,000 BC: Homo erectus walks out of the Africa.
  • About 1460 BC: Volcanic island of the Sanitorini in Mediterranean Sea, destroying island, erupts, wiping out the villages as well as ending civilization.
  • 11th Century BC: Tribes descended from patriarch Abraham unite under King Saul in creating Kingdom of Israel.
  • About 230 BC: Shi Huangdi which is self proclaims as First Emperor of the China. Standardizes writing as well as units of the measure which include weights across the land he conquered.
  • Before 347 BC: In Athens, philosopher Plato writes Atlantis which is a land that is lost under sea.
  • 460 BC: Athenian leader pericles enacts reforms making Greek City state of the Athens as democracy.
  • 323 BC: Alexander the Great dies sudden fever that leaves his vast empire for his appointed regional governors.

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history cheat sheet:AD dates

  • 313 AD: Roman co-emperors Constantine and Licinius.
  • 1000 AD: Leif Erickson and party of the sailors from Norse Greenland on coast of Canada.
  • About 610 AD: The prophet Mohammed after experiencing a spiritual vision that begins teaching submission to God or Islam.
  • 800 AD: Pope Leo III crowns Frankish King, Charlemagne as Emperor of West, beginning long lived medieval and Renaissance Federation.

There you have the cheat sheet tips and the timeline of the world history that you might want to know. Don’t worry, if you forget some dates. Few time later it will be alright.

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Start making your history cheat sheet today!

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