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history cheat sheetThere are helpful cheat sheet tips that you can find online and if you need APA cheat, this page will give what you are looking for. The APA style guide is difficult to remember, but with guidelines; you will not have a hard time.

APA Cheat sheet tips

apa cheat sheet

  • APA Formatting Purdue: In you visit the website of Purdue University, you will be provided with comprehensive review about APA style. They are not just offering good instructions, but they have helpful pictures that will demonstrate on how you will use the rules of APA.
  • Research Style Crib: APA Sheet Project: In here, it contains archives of APA rules that you need to check out. It will give you excellent summary about formatting as well as how you write the title page, abbreviations as well as the references.

If you can find cheat sheet template online, feel free to browse it to know more information.

Cheat Sheet Template and Guidelines

  • Page margins: You need to set one inch margins to all sides. In here, you can go to the file and choose page set up.
  • Page header: One of the cheat sheet tips you need to keep in mind is about page header. For example: See next page & How-to in DocSharing.

apa format Cheat sheet tips


Last names only and year

(Smith, James & Moolde, 2010)

Not: (Smith, L., Cook, T., & Moore, R., 2010)

No date – source does not have a date

Use (n.d.) for the both citation and ref

(Smith & Moolde, n.d.)

Page number for one page and for more than one page

(Smith, Cook & Moore, 2010, p. 6)

(Smith, James & Moolde, 2010, pp. 6 -7)

Et al – In the first citation list all authors then use et al for subsequent citations.

(Smith, James, Moolde, 2010) – Then
(Smith et al., 2010)


(Smith, james & Moolde, 2010)

Not: (Smith, James and Moolde, 2010)

Citing Electronic Sources

Discussion Board (if wanting to cite a colleague in your paper)


(Swan, 2007, September 28)


Swan. D. (2007, September 28). Learning styles. Message posted to EDUC 7710 discussion board, Week 6.

How to do a Cheat: Examples

It is important on how to do a cheat to have an easy task. Here are some examples of APA guidelines you must remember.

In text citation:

Example 1: Basic quotation

  • James (1997) wrote why some of the primatologists is wondering if apes able to learned language by using capital “L”” (p. 110).

Example 2: Basic summary or paraphrase

  • According to James(1997), the conclusions of Johns is being took by researchers seriously (p. 111).

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Example 3: Work with 3 to 5 authors

  • The chimpanzee named as Nim was being raised by the researchers who had trained him when it comes to American Sign Language through molding as well as guiding his hands (Jack, Petio, Maki, & Nend, 1980, p. 791).

There you go some guidelines that will help you. The cheat sheet will be your one stop solution so make sure to find the best.

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Use our APA cheat sheet today!

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