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html coding cheat sheetHow to do a cheat is difficult because you need to make sure that all the information you include is correct. The cheat is a graphic or written aid that will help you in understanding something that is complex.

Cheat sheet tips: Basic Coding

cheat sheet htmlThese G code cheat sheet HTML will be your help as well as your guide. Be sure to read it carefully

Basic tags:

  • <html></html> Creates HTML document
  • <head></head> Sets off title as well as other details that is not displayed on web page.
  • <body></body> Sets off the portion of the document visible.

Body Attributes

  • <body bgcolor=”pink”> Sets background color with the use of name or the hex value
  • <body text=”black”> Sets text color with the use of name or hex value
  • <body link=”blue”> Sets color of the links with the use of name or the hex value
  • <body vlink=”#ff0000″> Sets color of the followed links with the use of name or the hex value
  • <body alink=”#00ff00″> Sets color of the links when it is click
  • <body ondragstart=”return false” onselectstart=”return false”> Disallows the text selection with the keyboard and mouse

Text Tags

  • <pre></pre> Creates a preformatted text
  • <hl></hl> Creates largest headline
  • <h6></h6> Creates smallest headline
  • <b></b> Creates the bold text
  • <i></i> Creates the italic text
  • <tt></tt> Creates the teletype, or the text as typewriter-style
  • <cite></cite> Creates the citation that is usually in italic
  • <em></em> Emphasizes the word by using bold or italic
  • <strong></strong> Emphasizes the word by using bold or italic
  • <font size=”3″></font> Sets the size of the font, from one to seven
  • <font color=”green”></font> Sets the font color with the use of name or the hex value

When it comes to links, formatting and other information; here is a cheat sheet template that will help you to know more information.

Cheat Sheet HTML Links:

  • <a href=”URL”></a> Creates the hyperlink
  • <a href=”mailto:EMAIL”></a> Creates the mailto link
  • <a href=”URL”><img src=”URL”> </a> Creates the link or image
  • <a name=”NAME”></a> Creates the target location in the document
  • <a href=”#NAME”></a> Links to target location that is located anywhere in document


  • <p></p> Creates new paragraph
  • <p align=”left”> Aligns the paragraph whether it is on the left by default, to the right, or to the center.
  • <br> Inserts line break
  • <blockquote></blockquote> Indents the text from all sides
  • <dl></dl> Creates definition list
  • <dt> Precedes every definition term
  • <dd> Precedes every definition
  • <ol></ol> Creates numbered list
  • <ul></ul> Creates bulleted list
  • <li></li> Precedes every list item as well as to add symbol or number or symbol that will depend upon type of list being selected
  • <div align=”left”> Generic tag that is used in large blocks formatting of the HTML and it is also being used in style sheets
  • <img src=”name”> Adds image
  • <img src=”name” align=”left”> Aligns image: to the left, to the right, to the center as well as on the top, middle and bottom
  • <img src=”name” border=”1″> Sets the size of the border around image
  • <hr /> Inserts horizontal rule
  • <hr size=”3″ /> Sets the size of rule (height)
  • <hr width=”80%” /> Sets the rule of width in absolute value or percentage
  • <hr noshade /> Creates rule without shadow


  • <table></table> Creates table
  • <tr></tr> Sets off every row in table
  • <td></td> Sets off every cell in row
  • <th></th> Sets off table header

Remember the HTML Coding Cheat Sheet

You need to remember the HTML coding sheet so that you have a guide. Knowing it will easily complete the task and you will not be stressed. It is better if you make notes on it so that you will always have a guide.

Begin to write your own vi commands cheat sheet HTML so that you have a guide. It will help you a lot and do not forget that you need to organize it so that it will not be scattered.

Use our HTML coding cheat sheet today!


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