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Getting Started With GIT Cheatsheet

git cheat sheet


  • git config –global push.default current
  • git config –global color.ui true
  • git config –global
  • git config –global “John Doe”
  • git config –global diff.tool meld
  • git config –global core.editor vim

See List of Local Branches: Cheat Sheet Template

computer-2Git branch

Switch to the local branch that is existing:

git checkout branchname

Checkout the current branch with new branch that is named with new branch name:

git checkout -b new-branch-name

Merge the branch name to current branch:

git merge branchname

Soft branch delete, complain if branch will not be merged:

git branch -d branchname

Updating Current Branch: The Best Cheat Sheet Template

Standard Flow

See commits:

git log

Commit view and customize it:

git log –pretty=format:”%h %s” –graph

Check what you have worked in past week:

git log –author=’Alex’ –after={1.week.ago} –pretty=oneline –abbrev-commit

Check changes made on your branch:

git log –no-merges master..

Check status of current GIT branch:

git status

View status:

git status –s

Add or modified the file that will be committed:

git add filename

Add text files:

git add ‘*.txt’

Tell the GIT not track anymore:

git rm filename

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Cheat sheet tips: Advanced

Unstage the pending changes where changes will remain on the file system like:

git reset

Unstage the pending changes and to reset files in pre-committing state:

git reset –hard HEAD

Go back in the history of current branch:

git reset tag

git reset <commit-hash>

Save the current changes and ensure not to commit repo:

git stash

return to changes:

git stash pop

For another cheat sheet tips, here are information about comparing changes in GIT.

Check current changes that is not being staged yet:

git diff

Check current changes that is not being committed yet:

git diff HEAD

Compare the current branch to some of the other branch:

git diff branch-name

Check changes in current branch:

git difftool -d master..

Check file names that have been changed in the current branch:

git diff –no-commit-id –name-only –no-merges origin/master…

Working With the Remote Branch

Check the list of the remote repost that are available:

git remote

View details of the remote repos having GIT URLs:

git remote –v

Add new remote:

git remote add origin

How to do a cheat: GIT Terminology

Master: default the branch that develop in

Origin: default the upstream repo

HEAD: current branch

Remote: Repository stored in another computer

Staging or adding: Adding changed files in the index tree that will be committed

git cheat sheet on how to start repo init/remote/ clone

git init: Make repo from the existing data

git clone (repo_url): Clone the current repo

git clone (repo_url) (folder_name): Clone repo in specific folder name

git cline (repo_url): Clone repo in current directory

The ways on how to do a cheat is easy with cheat sheet software as long as you gathered all the information you need. What you need to do is to write it in one page paper.

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