Are you looking for a good cheat sheet template that will help you create one that you need in reviewing for exams, studying your lessons or answering homework? If so, then stay tuned with the following you are about to discover on the best ways on how to do a cheat sheet. Let’s get started here.

Cheat Sheet Template Word

  • Choose an A4 size of paper when working on a cheat sheet on Word. This size is most ideal since it is in the middle of being too long or too short. If you want to make a better layout for your guide sheet, you definitely have to select this paper size so that you can put more while at the same time it is not that lengthy to cause you inconvenience.
  • As much as possible, select a font size of between 8 and 10 for the cheat sheet template word. However, you may want to use a magnifying lens if you’re using a small font size 8.
  • Have a good layout for your guide. Don’t try to use blocks of text in your paper. Instead, you may want to divide your wording with sections and bullets. In the process, you don’t have to have to difficulty in locating specific information in the guide. If you could easily find what you are looking for through the bullets or sections, you can also save time, which is very much important in exams, especially if your professor has allowed you to bring a cheat sheet for the math formulas for example.

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  • Use coding. By that, it means that you can create some clues that you can understand in your paper. For example, you can include images that will remind you of that term for example. On the other hand, you can use color codes so that you can organize or classify the points in your paper. In this case, you don’t have to worry about losing information deep down into the text because you have segregated ideas, for instance, using color codes that you can understand.
  • Do not include all the notes, especially those that you have already mastered, as doing so will just take up much space in your paper. If you want to make a precise list or guide, you should remove those or not at all include any formulas that you already memorize. Also, try to memorize if you think that a portion of the reviewer will take so much space.
  • Make your cheat sheet readable, if you’re handwriting it, especially if you are including tables and graphs. As you know, the neatness and not only the accuracy of information in the guide matters for absolute help.

Follow These Cheat Sheet Tips

These are the best ways on how to do a cheat that will help you make notes on formulas, terms, definitions and other data, which you need for a particular subject. Don’t forget to refer to our guide on how to make your own cheat sheet that can make the process of working on a homework and project easier and faster.

So, why not to choose your own cheat sheet format?

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