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mathematics Cheat Sheet Template Algebra for you

mathematics cheat sheet

  • (x+y)2 = x2 + y2 + 2xy
  • (x-y)2 = x2 + y2 – 2xy
  • (x+y)3 = x3 + y3 + 3xy(x + y)
  • (x-y)3 = x3 – y3 – 3xy(x – y)
  • x2 – y2 = (x + y)(x – y)
  • x-2 = 1/x2, 2-4 = 1/16 = 1/24
  • (xa)(xb) = xa+b
  • xa/xb = xa-b = 1/xb-a
  • x0=1
  • xaya = (xy)a, 2232 = 62

The quadratic equation, for any given x if ax2 + bx + c =0 then x has the 2 solutions
x=(-b+√(b2 – 4ac)/2a, x=(-b-√(b2 – 4ac)/2a

xayb is not equal to (xy)a+b

Functions: f(x)= 9x + 5; where f is the function of x because it will change X, depends on the X.

Value of the f can be obtained by the substituting x in ‘9x + 5’, so f(2) =23 when x=2. The domain of any of the function is set of permissible inputs values of variable. For example:

-3x + 5 < 23
for the above inequality, you need solutions for x. Above equation is the equivalent to -3x < 18 or -x < 6 which means x > -6
hence x can be -5,-3.. 1,2… (infinite values)

Cheat Sheet Template Interest you can Rely on

  • Simple Interest: 
    mathematics cheat sheet , where the P will be the principal, r will be the rate, and t will bethe time.
  • Compound Interest:
    mathematics cheat sheet , where the n is the number of times compounded for each year
  • Work rates:
     mathematics cheat sheet , where the T is time of completion of the task when 2 workers are combining effort.
  • Sets: mathematics cheat sheet

– Where can I read about APA?

APA format cheat sheet is exactly what you need!

  • Distance, Rate, and Time:
    mathematics cheat sheet mathematics cheat sheet
  • Circles:
    mathematics cheat sheet

mathematics cheat sheet

mathematics cheat sheet
mathematics cheat sheet


  • Squares:

mathematics cheat sheet , where s = side

mathematics cheat sheet


  • Rectangles:

mathematics cheat sheet pdf , where l = length and w = width

mathematics cheat sheet pdf

  • Trapezoids:

mathematics cheat sheet pdf

  • Polygons:

mathematics cheat sheet pdf , where the n = # of sides

mathematics cheat sheet pdf

  • Prime Numbers and the Integers:

1 is not the prime. 2 is the smallest number for prime and the only even prime.

An integer is any counting number which include the negative numbers (e.g. -3, -1, 2, 7…but not 2.5).

  • Fast Fractions:

mathematics cheat sheet pdf fract  mathematics cheat sheet pdf

  • Divisibility:

sum of the digits will be divisible by three

last 2 digits of the number will be divisible by four

last digit is either a five or zero

even number and the sum of the digits will be divisible by three

if last 3 digits will be divisible by eight

sum of the digits will be divisible by nine

  • Combination and the permutations:

mathematics cheat sheet pdf    n will be the total number, r will be the number you choose

mathematics cheat sheet pdf

  • Probability:

mathematics cheat sheet pdf

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Rely on mathematics cheat sheet pdf

There is nothing wrong in relying with cheat sheet tips because you have a guide. Just remember that you search for the best cheat that will help you in knowing the formulas. Formulas will help you to get the right answer.

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